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At Glambitious, we strive to provide our customers with the confidence that they need to live a natural, ambitious and glamorous lifestyle.
Our beauty products have always been made with 100% all-natural, vegan ingredients, as we truly believe that natural skincare is the best way to keep your skin as healthy and beautiful as possible. Of course, Glambitious women love and strive to be glamorous.
We believe that women should have the best of both worlds, allowing themselves to be both healthy and glamorous by way of our prestige skincare line.
Our products truly are as “Natural as Diamonds!


What is Glambitious?

We are a 100% all-natural, vegan skincare company.  But, unlike any other skincare brand, Glambitious prides itself on our beautiful and glamorous packaging.  Why not be healthy and glamorous?

When did Glambitious begin?

It all started in July of 2005… I, Allison, was 12 years old and was a typical “bored tween” during the summer months.  My Mom had found a recipe for bathing salts in one of her magazines and saved it for me to make one afternoon.  I enjoyed baking, and this seemed to be pretty similar, so by the time my Mom got home in the evening, I had made a lifetime’s supply of bathing salts.  In order to get rid of some products, I was instructed to give some to my friends and some of our family’s friends.  A few weeks later some of my Mom’s coworkers and friends asked when I would be making more products.  I figured since I seemed to have all the time in the world (up until school started up again, that is), why not make more products?

I went to the library and checked out every single book that they had about natural beauty.  Through these books, I learned what ingredients are needed in order to create lotions, soaps, glosses, and scrubs.  I continued to make products throughout the years but instead listened to my clientele.  If someone wanted a product to heal their rosacea, I knew to use grapeseed oil and lavender.  If someone needed a super healing lotion, I added aloe vera oil.

From this, I found my passion.  My passion is to learn.  My passion as an entrepreneur.  And my passion to help others, one Glambitious product at a time.

Why are we strictly “All-Natural?”

When Glambitious started in 2005, Glambitious ingredients had to be all-natural because I was using my Mom’s kitchen appliances that we would also use on family dinners.  Over the years, I researched high and low for other ingredients that I could start using and most chemically-created ingredients had multiple articles linking this ingredient to various diseases, and birth defects (just to name a few).

From here on out, I decided I would never use chemicals in my products.  Why put my clients at risk, when all-natural ingredients have been proven to have better results than actually fixing skin problems, not just cover them up like chemical ingredients.



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