Animal Rescues: Happily-Ever-Afters 


Everyone loves a happy ending and for these rescues, they got just that!

These dogs and cats, who were previously housed at the Animal Wellness Foundation, now have a place to call home — and love galore, making their new life just purr-fect.


Pearla is a South LA rescue. Pearla bonded quickly with those who gave her loving attention. However, she did not do well in the busy kennel environment with a lot of new people and animals visiting, often hiding and retreating from interaction. Finally, the right caring, patient and thoughtful family chose her. She is coming out of her shell and being adored. She has a new mom, dad, and 9-year-old human sister.

Kaia & Huey

Brother and sister found a home together! Mom works from home and dad is busy spoiling these babes with new cat trees, toys, and custom shelving to climb!

Cooper & Hunter

These boys are special and come with some specific traits and conditions that require extra care and experience. The two of them are enjoying life outside of the city, with lots of land to run on and sun to catch. Thanks to our rescue partner, Shay’s Strays, these boys are getting the exercise and freedom they deserve.

Snap, Crackle and…



All three kittens are being adored with children, grandkids, and work at home moms – and dogs!


Tonks loved and adored by mom and roomie.


Ginny and her best bud tuckered out after a long day of play.


Tonka is the star of her home. Her parents adore her.


Lenny is either in mom’s lap or basking in the sunlight on his new cat tree.

Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox is already sitting with mom and dad on the plane to different cities and loving life!


Ellie’sfamily is so in love – cooking her meals and bringing her along everywhere!


King is the apple of his mom’s eye, coming to work with her and snuggling at home.


This picture speaks for itself! Someone is right at home, happy and content!

Han Solo

Han Solo has a new furry kitty friend and a big house to explore.


Darth found loving parents and they cannot get enough of him!

Adopt, don’t shop. Not only will it change an animals life, but it will change yours, too. To learn more about the Animal Wellness Foundation, click HERE.

Article by Mel