The challenges in fighting against animal cruelty, but unearthing unconditional love: Read Michael & Moses' heartwarming story

The challenges of fighting animal cruelty are overwhelming for animal rescue and welfare organizations.  We understand that life can be cruel but it can be even crueler for innocent animals.   We see it every day and work hard to heal broken hearts, spirits and bodies.  We are an integrated rescue organization working everyday to save the lives of animals with medical needs, those on local shelter kill lists, the abandoned and left behind.

Rescuing animals is filled with heartbreaking and heartwarming outcomes.  Animal rescue is difficult, challenging work filled with life, death and love.  In the midst of the pain, the challenge, the cruelty, there is the love.  We love that we can help some, we love that we can save some, we love that we can find safe, loving, wonderful new homes for many deserving animals.  We are always amazed at the unconditional love of rescue animals but understand they need time to heal and learn to trust again — especially if they have experienced any form of animal abuse.

In the world of animal rescue, we know that they, the animals we save, truly rescue us.  Working with kids, young people and animals in need, gives us the opportunity to see and share first hand the unconditional love rescue animals bring to our lives.  We work with many kids and young people, who, like the animals we care for, can be misunderstood.  These young people often find the love, trust and understanding lacking in people in rescue animals.  People like Michael and rescue dogs like Moses.  Theirs is a love story that will warm your heart and show the true power of unconditional love.

We rescued Moses from the medical list of a local high kill shelter.  He was uncared for, shy, in need of medical care and attention.

Moses when he was first rescued

We met Michael when his mom brought him to our rescue to possibly foster a dog. Michael is on the Spectrum and needed help overcoming some of his social and verbal communication challenges.   His mom thought working with a dog might help – she was right!

Scruffy little Moses captured Michael’s heart

When Michael and his mom first came to our rescue, we introduced Michael to all of our dogs. One by one…he met them, looked at them, pet them…and nothing from Michael… until we got to Moses. Poor Moses was a mess but for the first time since he got to the rescue, Michael’s face lit up.

We put Moses in his arms and that was it. We told Michael our new dog needed a name and with zero hesitation, he named him Moses. We let Michael know sweet, smelly Moses had just gotten to our rescue and needed medical care, attention, a bath and haircut. That didn’t deter Michael, it just made him love Moses more!  Michael and his mom came every day for two weeks visiting with Moses and when he was ready to go, off Moses went with Michael.  In the past several weeks of fostering both Michael and Moses, have blossomed. Moses has helped Michael with his social skills, express himself and  become more verbal. Moses has gone from a hurt, shy dog to gentle, sensitive, caring companion to Michael. Michael cares for Moses, loves him deeply.  Moses cares for Michael, loves him dearly.  There was no way these two were ever going to part ways and with the kindness, compassion and generosity of a sponsor, Michael was able to adopt Moses as his own!

Moses gets a new ‘do

As in all things in life, we do none of this work alone.  We are able to help dogs like Moses and people like Michael because of our incredible partnership with Darlene Hernandez Geekie and The Little Angels Project.  Together, we are saving animals that may not have a chance at life and giving people a chance to know unconditional love, that they are needed and have value.

You can help us help us create more Rescue Love Stories by donating to our work.  Please consider partnering with our life saving efforts by making a tax-deductible contribution.  Learn more about our impact and donate on our website The Daddio Collective by clicking HERE.

**The Daddio Collective is a 501(c) (3) Charity Dedicated to Changing the Lives of Children.Animals.Communities. Through our innovative programs and initiatives, we are creating empowerment opportunities for Children and Young People, Rescuing Domestic Animals, serving the Homeless Community and their pets.  Our Diverse Team of Artists, Advocates, Educators, and Animal Welfare Experts, are dedicated to Changing Lives with Love, Action, Creativity, Understanding, Education, Assistance, Respect. We do none of this work alone and are grateful for the many individuals and partners who support our Mission, our Work, our Vision.

This is one happy ending
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Addie Daddio

Article by Addie Daddio

Addie Daddio is the founder of The Daddio Collective a 501c3 charity dedicated to changing the lives of children, animals and communities. Daddio combines her love and passion for kids and animals with creative, innovative and integrated programs. A long time animal advocate, Daddio and her dedicated team provide medical care, rehabilitation, love and daily care to those that are left behind, abandoned and without hope. Daddio spends every day working in animal welfare and says that when it comes to saving animals lives, “it’s truly the hardest work I have ever loved.”