‘There was a strong feeling of togetherness’: Women in Australia unite to fight for their fundamental rights

Thousands and thousands of people marched in major cities across Australia in the #March4Justice demanding action in response to allegations of workplace and sexual abuse against women.

It came on the wave of allegations of sexual assault, abuse, and misconduct in some of the highest offices of Australian politics.

Organizers projected that 85,000 people participated across the country.

The centerpiece of the day was Brittany Higgins’ speech in front of Parliament House, in which she took aim at the government’s treatment of her after she was allegedly raped by a former colleague in the building she stood in front of.

One attendee in Sydney, Lorna Clarkson, who took part in the march in Town Hall, says: “Women’s rights are not granted by men. No one can give them to us. They are always ours.”

She adds: “My favorite takeaway was in one of the speeches,” she says. “It was powerful. Calm but forceful and a strong feeling of togetherness.”

The following photos were provided by Lorna at the event On Monday.

And here are images that span Australia, with women and men, marching in unison.


Article by melissa

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