‘Unless someone has danced with death, they don’t realize that life, in itself, is the most precious gift on earth’: Catching up with breast cancer survivor Robin Lagrassa

One in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime, and with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we turned to  breast cancer survivor, Robin Lagrassa, to instill hope in others who are currently in the throes of battling the disease.

In April, 2013, Robin had double mastectomy. She was just 50 at the time.

Throughout the past five years, Robin has learned through the trials and tribulations thrown her way, that “life is just so incredibly beautiful.” (Read her original story and interview, here.)

We caught up with Robin to see where she is, one year on since we last spoke to her:

Q) What has happened in the past year since we spoke? 

A) This past year has gotten my finances back on track. People don’t realize how an illness affects your pocketbook. I am just so relieved that its back on track. It took me 4 years to get there. I really thought I would never be able to function financially ever again.

My mother past away. That has been hard. But here’s a great story. I went on Ancestry.com and found out about my younger sister Barbara that my mother gave up for adoption. No one knew! It was back in the 60’s and my sisters were young and I was just a baby really. She was a single parent who already had four daughters struggling everyday to make a living.

Before my mother passed I feel I helped bring her closure because she met my sister a few months before she died. She was so happy! They both were.

Q) How is your health?

A) Aside from some kidney stone issues, my health is great. I have another check up the end of November with the Oncologist

Q) How is your work life?

A) My work life has been ups and downs. Not as far as working, but as far as the people I have had to work for. As you know, I am a freelance TV accountant. I have had some really difficult bosses on the past few shows. Just really negative, selfish people.But right now I am working for an amazing accountant on Facebook’s 1st TV show “Loosely Exactly Nicole.” I love  my boss, Meagan. Maybe I have been given a gift for putting up with the past accountants

Q) And love life?

A) My love life is great. I’m still with Bobby. It will be 2 years in December. We are very close and do basically everything together. We are each others best friend. I think that’s key to any relationship. Friendship. My relationship with Bobby’s kids have gotten tighter and this is his oldest daughter Alisa and her son Nicholas and she refers to me as grandma.

Bobby, Robin, and his kids

Q) What has given you the most joy in the past year and what have you learned?

A) I think knowing that my mother and I were finally able to get along at the end made me the happiest. I think reuniting her with my sister changed her . It also gave me a better understanding of who my mother was and why she acted the way she did sometimes.

Q) As always, what advice would you give others who are going through what you have been through?

A) Don’t ever give up. Keep fighting even when there is no fight left . And when you recover? Pay it forward and help someone going through what you went through. Take time to go outside and look up at the sky and feel life. feel love flow through you and give it to others.

Q) what makes life so precious?
A) Unless someone has danced with death they don’t realize that life in itself is the most precious gift on earth.

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Help other women battling breast cancer by volunteeriung or donating to the American Cancer Society’s Reach To Recovery program. You can find out more by clicking here.