‘I survived, I am one of the lucky ones’: Robin Lagrassa celebrates the beauty of life after battling breast cancer

Robin in the midst of her battle with breast cancer
Robin in the midst of her battle with breast cancer

We have long documented Robin Lagrassa’s journey in surviving breast cancer (in fact, she was the very first person who participated in our Makeovers with Meaning: See HERE).

After being diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast aggressive cancer in 2013 at the age of 50, she went on to have a double mastectomy. The journey hasn’t always been an easy one but Robin has always provided such an inspiration for those who have battled breast cancer and survived — and for those in the midst of fighting for their life.

Taking to Facebook on World Cancer Day (Thursday, 4 February) she wrote:

Today is cancer awareness day.

It’s a horrible battle and I don’t understand why some people survive and others don’t. And I don’t love the way it destroys loved ones and makes people suffer. It’s so sad.

When I hear that someone has cancer this overwhelming feeling of sadness takes over.

For me, because I survived I am one of the lucky ones to be able to take on a different perspective. It was the worst thing I have ever gone through.

Waking up every day fighting for my life. Fighting with God. Fighting with myself. My doctors. Threatening to inject them with chemo so they know what they put people through. And they would look at me in shock because I was so mad at them for all of the pain chemo causes.

Some days I felt like I was going to die and could barely crawl across the floor to my bed. Other days I felt like I was kicking ass.

Most of all I worried about my children and what would become of them.

And yet? Yet, I walked out of it a much better person in so many ways and for that, I am forever grateful. I can’t explain it.

Robin today

People look at me and say ..are you crazy Robin?

But I think that maybe some people need to go through a traumatic experience like that to understand where I’m coming from.

Once you have survived something like that, there isn’t much you’re afraid of anymore. U almost become like this unstoppable machine. Again I can’t explain it.

Especially with people.

U almost laugh out loud when they try to knock you down with their silly words or dirty looks. Their negative attitude.

You’re like .. really ?! Come at me all you want, honey.

At the same time, you just want to hug love into everyone who passes by.

Life is the most amazing gift. Even on its worst days, I am happy to be alive. Life is to be celebrated 💕🦋🌻

And now healthy, happy, and in love
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